About Us

Bruviti develops AI-powered enterprise applications for fault prediction, part prediction, case-based reasoning, and expert guidance. Our technical team has perfected a technique that applies big-data analytics and machine-learning technologies make sense of any manufacturer’s service and support data so they can better to triage, diagnose, and fix faults with in-field equipment — remotely and automatically.

The Bruviti modular suite of applications can be deployed standalone or integrated into enterprise CRM platforms. Our customers are manufacturers of field-serviced products that need scalable and repeatable techniques to automate issue triage, diagnosis, and resolution. By enabling customer self-service and dramatically enhancing the capabilities of both contact centers and field-service organizations, we improve overall customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

When contact centers and service organizations add Bruviti to their existing support infrastructure, they can take advantage of AI-enhanced self-service and remote repair to solve two key objectives:

  1. Deliver high customer experience ratings by diagnosing problems quickly and fixing them right the first time —onsite or remotely.
  2. Reduce call center, technician, truck-roll, and warranty costs.

Management Team

Andy Chinmulgund

Chief Executive Officer

Andy brings technical, product management and business development experience in building applications and technologies ranging from AI/ML, IoT, enterprise cloud and embedded software technologies. His first successful venture was Kenati Technologies, a home networking software company (acquired by 2Wire). Prior experience includes ADC Telecommunications and Ericsson.

Sanmitra Pandharpur

Chief Technology Officer

Sanmitra sets engineering strategy, execution and development at Bruviti. He and Andy co-founded Kenati Technologies, where he was VP engineering and managed its integration with 2Wire and subsequent expansion from a team of 70 to 350+, supporting all 2Wire product lines.

Rich Larsen

Chief Commercial Officer

Rich is responsible for driving Bruviti’s commercial objectives. He was formerly the VP business development at Kenati Technologies. Rich has served in senior executive roles at NRG Energy, Smart Energy Instruments, and Sun Microsystems.

Tom Meehan

VP Strategy

Tom develops partnership and solution strategies to accelerate the delivery and integration of Bruviti’s predictive analytics and AI technologies. Tom’s experience includes business development and product management roles at Bay Networks, Ericsson, Nortel, PeerApp, Redback Networks, and Zeugma Systems.

Ajey Walavalkar

VP Data Science

Ajey is responsible for all activities related to data science and provides strategic technical leadership for the development and maintenance of predictive models based on AI, and machine learning, and digital twin solutions. He formerly led software development, consulting, and business development for GexCon India.

Sanjay Ravindra

VP Solutions & Services

Sanjay manages Bruviti’s crew of Engineers, Quality Assurance, and Services Professionals. For more than 20 years Sanjay has worked in the realm of access routers, residential gateways, and wireless systems. Previously, Sanjay was Director of Implementation for Worldwide Application Software & Services at Pace, responsible for every software release to customers for Pace/2Wire Gateways & Management Systems around the world. Sanjay joined Pace/2wire as part of Kenati Technologies. At Kenati Technologies he was Head of Solutions and Services.

Sanjay has a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Master’s degree in Computer Science.